Roton Point

Wesley worked on the boardwalk at Roton Point, CT in the late 1920s to earn money during the summer.

Early Work Titan Hanover

After returning from studying in Paris in the early 1930s, Wesley would hang out at racetracks. He would paint the horses, hoping that if they won, their owners would buy the paintings.

One of Wesley's early successes as an artist was his paiting of Titan Hanover, a winning racehorse.

First Book Collaborators

The first book that Wesley Dennis did with Marguerite Henry was Justin Morgan Had A Horse. This first collaboration was published in 1945 by Wilcox and Follett. This version is different from the more familiar version of Justin Morgan published by Rand McNally in 1954.

Family Dalmation

In the 1940s Wesley and his family moved to Warrenton, VA. He has two sons, Reid and Morgan.

There was almost always a dalmation in the family as well. Of his dalmation Dice, Wesley was fond of saying he was clean but not spotless!

Stable Feeding Horses

On his Wildcat Mountain farm in Warrenton, VA, Wesley could indulge his love of animals.

There was even a mischievous emu in residence at one time.

Hunter 1 Hunter 2

On of Wesley's favorite pastimes in Warrenton was the sport of fox hunting, although many sources say he felt very strongly about the fox not being killed.

Chalktalk Reading

Wesley and Marguerite frequently spoke at schools and bookfairs. They were often called "chalk talks" because as Marguerite would talk, Wesley would be busy drawing on the blackboard. Wesley also said he never cared much for children, but I think his actions prove otherwise.

Simba Lion Cub

Wesley wrote several books about Afican animals with Jocelyn Arundel. He was friends with her father, and they actually traveled to Africa to see the animals in person.