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After achieving fame with youngsters through his illustration work, Wesley Dennis came up with an idea. He was often inundated with fan mail, and to his credit, he felt obligated to respond to as many as he could personally. This took up a large amount of his time. Somewhere along the line, he came up with the idea of making a pre-emptive strike. Going on the belief that “children , like GI’s and most other people love to get mail,” he created a series of postcards that featured a sketch on one side and a message on the other. Kids could sign up for a subscription and receive a weekly Denny Card in Warrenton, VA. There was a small fee ($3.75 for six months according to an advertisement from the 1960s) that at best made it a break-even endeavor, with some sources indicating he actually lost money after covering the costs of producing the cards and paying postage. The first series of cards came out in late 1946 and ran through at least 1948. The idea was revived with another set issued around 1965.

The cards are little gems. Please visit the sections of the website listed at the bottom of this page to see them. To date, with the assistance of fellow fans, we have discovered at least 79, and there are most certainly more out there! If you know of others not listed, please get in touch! I’d love to compile a complete list.

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