Unused Illustrations &
Interesting Annotations

Here's a lovely unused race scene from King of the Wind.
KOW Race

These illustrations were done for the 1954 edition of Justin Morgan.
The dog in the first illustration was used, but the horse was cut out.
Dog Boy Apples

These illustration were done for Black Gold. The one that's scribbled out was found on the back of another illustration.
Race Kentucky Walking

This illustration is from Tumble. It was the last book Wesley did before his death.

This panel contains sketches used in the Thoroughbred chapter of Album of Horses. On the right margin, Wesley has written a note to Marguerite Henry (AKA "Buttons"). They often did this and mailed text and illustrations back and forth when they were working on a book. I've transcribed what I can in the second photo. Can anyone make out the missing words?
Thoroughbreds Buttons
Thanks to Cindy for figuring out the first questionable word, which I agree is "wire." And thanks to Cindy and Bill, who suggested that the second words are "that might." Moreover, thanks again to Bill for suggesting that the word prior to the last two questioned is actually "else" (instead of "she") - "and see if anything else might be questioned."