In the early days, Wesley worked in the advertising departments of two Boston department stores - Jordan Marsh and Filene's - drawing for their newspaper ads. Of course neither would have tolerated their artist working for one of their chief rivals; so, Wesley drew in different styles for each. They never caught on!

These photos (except for the Jordan Marsh postcards) were taken from Wesley's scrapbooks, which now reside in the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia.

Here are postcard pictures showing the exterior of Jordan Marsh and their men's department.
JM Exterior JM Men's Dept

Here are some examples of Wesley's work for Jordan Marsh.
Trousers Football Ski

Now for some work for Filene's. These are actually ads for Wesley's own work!
Sketches Portraits

It's not clear for whom these ads were done.
Reasons Europe

Oh Wesley, how could you do a cigarette ad? But it was before the Surgeon General's warning, and Wesley did smoke. Isn't it interesting that it's in Spanish?