The Art of Wesley Dennis

"This artist saw beyond hide and hair and bone. You could see that he understood and loved animals, that he was trying to capture their spirit, personality and expression." So Marguerite Henry described the work of Wesley Dennis. Their books' popularity arises not only from her skill as a storyteller but also from his ability to bring out an animal's personality and emotions with his illustrations. I hope visitors to this site will enjoy learning about this interesting and immensely talented individual.

Artist at Work Artist at Work


6/10/07: has a new internet home! We are now officially on Geocities with a lot more room to grow!
Our address is still If you experience any difficulties, please let me know!

5/25/07: I have tracked down the missing portions of the Radio Interview.
You can hear the complete interview here.

5/23/07: We have two more pages of Denny Cards that were shared by a fellow fan. Thank you!

10/14/06: There are now examples of all the Esquire pictures posted.
There are also some examples of covers Wesley did for the American Junior Red Cross News.

6/18/06: The sketchbook pictures are finally up (and there are lots of them)!


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